All the online payment methods in this demo are in sandbox mode, you need to use sandbox accounts to pay.

When you check out you can see those payment options:

  • Cash: There is no "sandbox mode" for this option. Your order is in "Unpaid" status. But don't worry, we will check the orders several times a day and set your order to "Paid".
  • Paypal: You can create a developer account at, then you create a sandbox account ("Buyer" type). When you check out, you will be taken to Paypal sandbox, login with your "Buyer" sandbox account to finish your payment.
  • Payfast: You can use the test account from Payfast, email is "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and password is "clientpass".
  • You can use the card number 4007000000027, "Expiration Date" is a date in future, for example "0119".
  • 2CheckOut: You can use the card number 4444333322221111, "Expiration Date" is a date in future, for example "0119", and CVC is 111.
  • eWAY: test credit card is 4444333322221111.

If you get any problem in testing, please contact us via our forum on

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